Mind Mapping Note Taking Guide For Learning Faster

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    By: J. Peperone APRN, FNP-C   “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”  ― Benjamin Franklin   Whether you are a student, a student beyond the classroom or just have an insatiable curiosity for learning, using mind maps will eventually cause a noticeable learning stride. And the key to achieving noticeable learning strides in the world of learning is to implement merely one small change and adapt to it. And while you adapt to this one small learning change, you will soon arrive on the other side of noticeableRead more …

Simple Truths on Restful Sleep

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Joan Peperone APRN, FNP-C   “Being good at sleep isn’t like being good at baseball or public speaking. You don’t win any awards for being a good sleeper, and no one praises you for how awesome you may be at it. Being a good sleeper is something that’s generally very private-until not being a good sleeper starts to leak its way into other areas of your life.” Shawn Stevenson   Being able to gradually awake well rested, particularly when working nocturnal hours, without being forcefully propelled back into a conscious world by riotous children, pounding doorbells, piercing lawn-mowers and myRead more …

The Difference Between ANCC and AANP Certifications

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By: Sauntrice O’Quin APRN, FNP-C   The difference between ANCC and AANP certifications? So now that you will soon be graduating, you will probably be thinking about this overwhelming question. Other common questions you may be asking are: which certification exam should I take, the ANCC or AANP?, Is one certification better than the other? and What are the important differences between the ANCC and AANP certification exams?    First, both certifications are equally recognized by national specialty certifying bodies, state boards of nursing, Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, and private health insurance plans. However, if you live outside theRead more …

Choosing the Best Nursing Apps for Your Career

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By: J. Peperone APRN, FNP-C   “It is our choices… that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” -J. K. Rowling   The grand choices of apps that our 21st-century world of exceeding technology offers to us are broad and arguably infinite. And this surplus of options and choices can become overwhelming if we’re unclear about which ones can keep us organized and make our day run smoothly.  All medical apps, even the most popular and commonly used everyday apps, were all created and tailored out of the necessity of time management and productivity. Therefore, when choosing theRead more …

Interview Tip: Be Likable

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By: Neil Kokemuller   Hiring committees spend hours evaluating applications and preparing interview questions. Quality candidates spend hours preparing and practicing for their interview. Much of the decision often comes down to one simple factor. Are you likable?   Two Key Questions   Despite the thousands of interview questions already in existence and the new ones created daily, hiring managers typically evaluate two key internal questions. One question is, “Why should I hire you?” The other is, “Do I like you?” or, “Would I want to work with you?”   While it is important to spend hours preparing to addressRead more …

Want To Choose A Nursing Speciality With No Regrets? Here’s The Formula

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nursing specialty

Written by: J. Peperone   Because nursing has over 100 specialties to choose from, deciding which nursing specialty is best suited for you can become an overwhelming task at any academically prepared level. Research proves we like having choices available to us, but only if we have a few choices to choose from. Too many available choices increase the complexity of our decision-making and will impair our ability to evaluate options clearly. A study done by Lyengar & Lepper reveled that people reported greater fulfillment with their final decisions when their options were limited (no more than six choices). BecauseRead more …

Worst Advice We Ever Heard About Perfection In Nursing

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Worst Advice we’ve ever heard about perfection in nursing

  By: J. Peperone       Do you strive for perfection in your work, personal or social life? Most of us do. In fact, most of us, if not all, are encouraged to achieve perfection in nursing school. We were even told becoming a perfectionist was good for us. It’s easy to assume the perfectionist is a high achiever, however there is a marked dissimilarity that exists between the two. In her book, Practical Perfection, Kelly Exeter explains how to switch from a perfectionist paradigm to a reasonable achiever and how to create a healthy life balance in our privateRead more …

Benefits of Meditation on Learning

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By: Sam Bissell       There are many unrealized benefits of meditation on learning, many which go undiscussed in worlds of academia. Years ago, meditation was viewed as something weird reserved for hippies.  However, scientists and researchers are producing evidence that show the benefits of meditation.  Some colleges looked at compelling research results on meditation effects and implemented meditation programs as part of the curriculum. McGill University in Montreal included the mandatory Mindful Meditation Program for medical students.  Many people start to see results within a week, but learning results will be different for each person. On average, researchersRead more …

Ten Interviewing Rules To Get The Job

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By: J. Peperone     I don’t like interviews. That’s the conclusion I came to after going on many job interviews and, I am embarrassed to admit, not doing as good as I could have if I prepared. However, with time (and much reflexion) I started to analyze and research what I could do to improve.  Because of competitiveness within the nursing job market, it’s  now more crucial to have knowledge about the interviewing process and develop self-awareness that will help analyze your interests, abilities, talents, and unique skills that only you poses.  The job interview is where you mustRead more …