Reasons To Join A Professional Nursing Organization



By: J. Peperone

There are many reasons for joining a professional nursing organization. Currently, there are several national and state professional organizations with a variety of specialties, cultures, and interests to choose from. Joining a professional organization is always optional for professionals; however, professional organizations develop standards and provide a voice for your profession.  Here is a list of some professional nursing organizations, that show just how many professional organizations you can choose from in one profession.


Provides Continuing Education

Many education opportunities are offered through conferences, scholarships, and community teaching programs.  In most professional organizations, members receive discounts to conventions, continuing education (CE) courses, and webinars. Some professional organizations support the dissemination of professional knowledge by encouraging and supporting members to publish their research and scholarly manuscripts of importance to their members. In addition to this, many professional organization websites provide information and advice on how to get additional certifications that may help advance your career.


Provides Peer Support & Networking

A peer support system gives value to membership in a professional organization because it promotes a connection to others who share the same interests and concerns.  In addition to this, it provides potential friends that share same goals and interests in the profession. Networking provides opportunities for information sharing by asking questions and getting feedback from people with advanced knowledge and experience.  Furthermore, networking can give you an advantage of being the first to know about that new job opening you have always wanted.


Makes Your Resume & CV Look Great

Being a member of a professional organization looks good on your resume and may set you apart from the competition when applying for a coveted job. In some cases, it can be the deciding factor in getting hired for your dream job. Also, good employers want their employees to be involved in professional organizations that provide current skills and education that promote teamwork and increase job satisfaction. Membership in a professional organization shows potential employers that you are dedicated and involved in your profession.


Enhances Your Leadership Skills

Many professional organizations provide valuable information and leadership opportunities that can be utilized in the workplace and communities. Furthermore, these organizations are committed to leading, promoting, and advocating the educational, professional, and leadership opportunities for its members. These organizations keep members updated on current issues affecting them by quarterly news letters and current news published on their website. Many leadership opportunities are available to active members by serving on committees. Also, many professional organizations give awards, scholarships, and grants for active members that have demonstrated education excellence, community service, leadership, and humanitarian work in communities.


Provides Unity of Advocacy

Unity of advocacy allows members to speak in one powerful voice. Many professional organizations advocate for their members because they share the same goals, visions, and values. Active members let their voice be heard by attending meetings, expressing their opinion, and becoming educated about issues that affect their profession. Members usually receive chapter newsletters and emails to inform them of local activities, events, leadership training, and job opportunities. The newsletters, journals, bulletin alerts, and email notifications keep members aware of issues and explain developments that affect them. Members are able to discuss issues impacting them and come up with solutions to solve problems.


Contributes to Personal & Professional Development

Becoming an active member in a professional organization will contribute to personal and professional developments. There are many professional organizations that represent the needs and provide a powerful voice for each individual. All career professionals should become active in a professional organization of their interest to address social, cultural, and economic issues that will impact and change their profession. It is a privilege for a professional to join an organization that contributes to the development and advancement of yourself and your profession.






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